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Iamikan’s artistic passion is rooted in his perspective of nature’s ability to adapt as a state of the art algorithm. This unique relationship was greatly influenced by his childhood playground roaming the verdant mountains of W.V. He explored the natural realm as his personal laboratory, inciting a depth of self-motivated questions and answers that would evolve a lifelong journey of observation and inner-development; this played a key role in creating the foundation of his philosophy and ongoing educational discipline in the arts.

Continuing to build upon an expansive, enigmatic dossier of career successes, Iamikan performed as an actor in NY, LA and later in France where he lived and worked in the Parisian arts scene for over 13 years in fashion, music, film and photography. He accrued a competency in 5 languages educated by world travels, enabling him to teach navigational tools of awareness, conveyed through a radical language of science, nature and technology.

Living abroad offered me existential opportunities to experience cultures that inspired my mental palette to stretch the boundaries of artistic possibilities. While living in the caves of Cappadocia, Turkey I discovered a quintessential link revealing an original innovation that would become my alchemy. I was fortunate to acquire invaluable information to possess the autonomy of formulating paint, learning a forgotten craft of grinding pigments with a muller and slab. I developed artisanry skills from the mosaic artists and natives specializing in glazing, glass and pottery dating back centuries.

Through this cultural exchange, I began pioneering the science of my ideas via the media of earthen pigments, paints and metallurgy, interpreting these creative processes as a nature inspired algorithm. I create formulas for each piece, calculating acute manipulations to alter the paints dimensions and layers with resins, water, fire and air, exposing an elemental quality that in nature would require a long time to naturally produce. My visions are large scale and intermixed with abstract imagery on a variety of mediums including canvas, wood, metals, glass and more.

This alchemic process is chemistry of the subtlest kind that allows one to observe a transmutation of paint pigments and properties into an organic magma that activates with purposeful movement like a gradually erupting volcano. It is within this form of liquid lava transitioning into a fossilized state, that I create designs with specialized instruments. Each piece undergoes a particular metamorphose, curing at a rapid pace over alchemical applications which hardens and stabilizes in a dark room, allowing up to 1-3 months to evolve.

With mastery in a multitude of disciplines, Iamikan’s pragmatic experience and self-taught approach has generated interest in his work as an artist /consultant and has been invited on innovative panels to lecture on nature as a technological intelligence. "As we come to rely more on technology, our study of nature becomes more sophisticated, demonstrating examples where mathematics and algorithms occupy important chairs in natures orchestra. These principles articulate and describe for us nature; that in turn gives rise for nature to describe itself to us".

For several years Iamikan showcased his work exclusively at his own gallery in Charleston S. C. He has received national recognition and is published in numerous magazines describing his art "as a living experience".